Popular / Favourites (Subscription)


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Our pint subscriptions cater specially to all the ice cream lovers!

Subscribe and get your favourite 3 pints of ice cream delivered free of charge! Delivers every 2nd and/or 4th Thursday of the month (depending on whether it is a monthly or bimonthly plan). Each pint weights 450g. 

Taste a variety with our popular flavours - Signature 80% Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt Butterscotch and Red Velvet!



Orders must be sent at least 3 working days before the delivery dates. We will deliver your ice creams on the 2nd and/or 4th Thursday of each month. Subscription fees (prices shown) are on a monthly basis and transactions will be automatic. 

Should you wish to cancel or change the flavours for your subscription, just email us with 1 weeks' notice!