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Artisanal Bonbons

Artisanal Bonbons

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A treasury of discoveries on the canvas of chocolate. Indulge in our artisanal dark chocolate bonbons:

Toasted Almond: 66% dark chocolate shell with toasted almond bits in a black and gold shell.

Rose Tea: 66% dark chocolate shell with white chocolate and rose tea ganache in a pink and gold shell.

Earl Grey Peppermint: 66% dark chocolate shell with earl grey peppermint ganache in a blue and gold shell.

Single Origin Chocolate Mocha: 66% dark chocolate shell with 70% Dominican Republic dark chocolate and espresso ganache in a brown and gold shell.

Matcha Strawberry: 66% dark chocolate shell with matcha white chocolate and strawberry ganache in a green, pink and red shell.

Strawberry Graham: 66% dark chocolate shell with Valrhona’s Strawberry Inspiration ganache and graham crumble in a pink, yellow and green shell.

Nut Praline: 66% dark chocolate shell with peanut praline and dark chocolate ganache in a red, orange and white shell.

Toffee Sea Salt: 66% dark chocolate shell with dark chocolate ganache and toffee in a violet, pink and red shell.

Black Sesame Cookies: 66% dark chocolate shell with black sesame ganache and dark chocolate cookies in a grey, pink and blue shell.

Passionfruit Yogurt: 66% dark chocolate shell with passionfruit ganache and white chocolate ganache in a coral, white and yellow shell. 

If you wish to request for certain flavours, please state under the remarks during checkout and we will try our best to fulfil your orders. Please note that flavours are subject to availability.


Kindly note that the colour of the chocolate boxes in the pictures may change according to season. 

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